2 Movies

With this film, we would like to go beyond a simple compilation of spectacular climbing images. We want to share with you the impact of the emotions involved in our experiences and bring up some of the questions that make us wonder:

Why do we Flolopapys climb? What do we get out of this game of confronting our fears and managing risks? What is the role of such intentional risk-taking in today’s safety-obsessed society?

We invite you to explore these questions through the double points of view of two films.

The Flolopapys in Squamish

A film by Pablo Recourt de 26 min

A vacation on the West Coast, far from everyday urban life: the great outdoors and refreshing ocean breezes, sunsets, evenings with friends and wide-open spaces… Yep, you guessed it! This year, the Flolopapys set their sights on the immense granite faces of Squamish, Canada.

Despite having very little experience in crack climbing, they can’t get these legendary fissures out of their minds, and are obsessed with discovering this new trad climbing universe! For the first time, these spirited four young climbers embark on a month-and-a-half stay on the other side of the world.

In this new playground, lost in the great unknown, they will be confronted with new experiences and somewhat overwhelming sensations.

From gourmet campground cooking to relaxing dips in the river, from musical interludes among climbers to nights out under the stars – and from comfortable granite cracks to pushing back the limits like never before –, come enjoy life with the Flolopapys in Squamish!

Loïc and the Flolopapys

A film by Dominique Snyers, 45 min

Loïc is 22 years old. He has been climbing since the age of six. He can’t get enough climbing or training, and he is ready to sacrifice anything to increase his performance.

This film combines video footage that he compiled through his early adventures with more recent images and interviews with him, his family and friends, taking us up-close and personal with this truly inspirational high-level climber.

Loïc is also a well-loved leader who brings people together and has no end to projects. Together with Florian, Pablo and Pierre they form the inseparable Flolopapys who bring their energy and good vibes to the farthest reaches of the climbing world.

Even if you’re only moderately interested in climbing, you’ve got to have a soft spot for these four guys: they are both passionate and poignant, and they are perfectly able to put their intense experiences and questions into words.