Wide-open spaces and enthusiastic people have always fascinated me. The faces of the Flolopapys in action simply glow. This film gives them the floor.
The questions they ask are universal, and the emotions with which they experience them are truly touching.


Dominique Snyers



A former university professor and founder of various digital start-ups, Dominique also founded the association Cap Expé, a community of adventurers formed to encourage them to live out their boldest dreams and especially to strike out independently.  He has been supporting a number of young people in their discovery of all kinds of wide-open spaces, both horizontal and vertical. More recently, he began directing films about such adventures in yet another extension of his passion for sharing.


342 miles of Nahanni rapids for 2625 ft of climbing.

Four young climbers dream of getting to the top of the Lotus Flower Tower, a massive, legendary wall in the Cirque of the Unclimbables in the northwest of Canada. To get the opportunity to climb 2625 ft, they will have to brave 342 miles of rapids on the Nahanni River. With very limited experience in this type of adventure, they convince Dom, a wanderer who is 33 years older than them, to help them strike out on the expedition. Dom relives the initiatory dreams of his adolescence but also takes the measure of the ravages of time...

2016 - 52 min

Everything is bigger in the Altai,

the mountainous frontier between Mongolia, China, and Russia. This is what Damian and Dom discover there, skiing the high summits for three weeks and enduring early spring storms. But to open up to this vastness, they will first have to overcome their differences and learn to survive together, totally isolated at their high-altitude base camp - a frail yurt in an expansive terrain of snow.

2018 - 26 min

The Power of Dreams

Arthur was severely injured

in an accident at a boy scout camp and sets out on an adventure to find himself. Instead, he discovers a whole lot more. Belgian teen, Arthur, was as active and outdoorsy as you’ve ever met. Then, with a broken back and paralysed from the waist down he suddenly finds his wish-list of adventures cut short. Months of intensive physio slowly brings back the faintest use of his legs but he can barely even stagger forward a few steps with all his weight on two crutches. Arthur cannot accept that his days of adventure are over and plans an ambitious expedition in the north of Alaska with Dom and Mathieu, two experienced adventurers.

“The Power of Dreams” is the English version of the “Le Pouvoir des Rêves“, a film by François-Xavier De Ruydts produced by Triangle7  in coproduction with the RTBF and CapExpé.

2015 - 54 MINêves

Founding Moments

Does it feel different to be a teenager

from the new world or from the old world when you raft down a rapid for the first time and share fishes, pancakes and Belgian chocolate around a campfire. Leo and Sinbad are cousins. They barely know each other. One lives in the United States and the other in Belgium. During a packraft trip in the pristine Quebec wilderness, they get to know each other. Together with Cyril and Dom, their mentor, they packraft down three rivers between Ontario and Quebec: the Coulonge River, the Black River and the Petawawa River.​

I’m a creative guy, and it didn’t take me long to figure out the power of sharing emotions through images. Good energy deserves to be shared. I’m making here my first film with a sole objective: to see smiles light up your faces. I hope that after seeing it, your heart will be light and your mind ready to dream.

Pablo Recourt

Member of the FloloPapys


A student in civil engineering and architecture at the Free University of Brussels, Pablo loves to express his creativity and explore unknown territory. Since he was a child, he has had a serious passion for climbing and adventure. He is always eager to explore the unexplored and live life to the fullest, and he is lucky to have had the opportunity to share this passion with his climbing buddies for several years. After mastering the graphic arts through his studies, his natural curiosity brought him to set out on a new adventure: the making of a film.